Nature information is often complex, separated and inaccessible to individuals who are not experts in the field. Our main focus is on making this information accessible and easy to understand for all people and purposes. Therefore, as part of our portfolio, we have developed Skogshubben, Hitta Skog and Ecotype Klima.


Skogshubben is a SAAS-platform that help 300,000+ Swedish forest owners to monitor, analyze, plan and make long-term sustainable decisions about their forests, on their own terms. The platform offers users automatically collected and processed information about forest properties based on open data sources and satellite data presented in a modern user-friendly interface.

Hitta skog

Hitta skog is a mobile application that provides a simple and fun solution for finding new forests to experience. The app also makes it easier to find mushrooms thanks to it's unique mushroom filter.

Ecotype Klima

Do you or your company need help with carbon climate reporting for forest properties or taxonomy related questions? Let us know and we will be happy to help you. We are flexibel and can do carbon assessments over large areas of forestland.

Ecotype AB 559256 3513